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Helping children overcome developmental challenges in their movement, play, speech, language, learning, attention and behaviour since 1998.

Our Purpose

Kid Sense helps children overcome personal & physical developmental challenges and learning frustrations that can otherwise prevent them from functioning optimally, independently and confidently in a peer setting.

Here for Your Family

Working closely with parents, carers, teachers and other medical & health professionals, our paediatric team provides Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy services to children with developmental challenges, including autism.

NDIS Funding

Kid Sense was one of the earliest providers to register for the NDIS and has helped hundreds of parents navigate their way through the funding regulations.  We can help you prepare for your NDIS planning meeting and guide you through the application process.


Child Development Charts

Use our FREE child development charts and checklists to check if your child is reaching appropriate developmental milestones for  their age.  If you think something isn’t quite as it should be for your child, these charts and checklists will help.


Self Assessment

Kid Sense has developed a screening tool called the Development DetectorTM.  Use this FREE tool to work out areas of concern and to guide discussions at home, in preschool or at school. Simply select the area of your concern, then choose the Development DetectorTM appropriate to your child’s age.


Is your child on the autism spectrum?

Autism is not a single disorder but a group of closely-related disorders with a shared core of symptoms. We support many children with autism spectrum disorders and can assist with access to autism services, support group and resources to support children across a range environments.  Helping a child who is displaying challenging behaviours is not something you have to do alone.

Our Services

With a focus on providing the highest quality, centre-based paediatric care, Kid Sense is a leading private provider of Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy for children.

Areas of Concern

At Kid Sense we know you know when something is not quite right with your child.  Does your child have a particularly short attention span?  Difficulty understanding or relaying stories verbally? Do they struggle comprehending simple requests? Whatever your area of concern we can help.

Why Centre-Based Therapy?

Our purpose-built, state-of-the-art Centre in Unley provides the optimum space for you and your child.  We believe clinic-based therapy is much more effective than mobile therapy offered at home, preschool or school. Children are more focussed which can result in much better outcomes.

 Our Team

Children need access to therapists who are not just suitably qualified but also very experienced. Parents need flexibility in appointments. All our therapists are full-time, readily available for appointments and continue to add to their already deep experience by constantly treating children.

Book an Appointment

You will not need to wait any longer than 1-2 weeks for your first appointment.  No referral is necessary.  Call us on 1800 KIDSENSE to discuss what you might be looking for, how services could best be funded, and book an assessment. We’ll soon get you and your child on the right path.

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